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Great news! This site will be replaced with ACS. main website at January 4, 2004.

Please make sure you update your favorites list. there for your Internet needs,

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MosquitoNet offers these downloads to our customers for free so that they may upgrade or replace software on their systems. Please Note: all software in this public archive is the property of it's respective owner. MosquitoNet is not liable for problems resulting from the use or misuse of any software in this archive.
Netscape 4.7 for Windows 95/98 12/01/99 19mb
Netscape 4.7 for Macintosh 12/01/99 13mb
Netscape 3.04 for Macintosh 8/25/99 6mb
Internet Explorer for Windows (Latest version) 01/31/00 Varies
latest version of Microsoft's browser, configurable as you download
Eudora 5.1 for Windows 95/98 05/29/01 6.3mb
Eudora 5.1 for Macintosh 05/29/01 4.8mb
Internet Mail 4/25/99 1mb
SCP for Windows (requires shell access) 11/30/01 570K
CuteFTP 05/29/01 1.6mb
WinZip 8.0 05/29/01 1.2mb
Fetch FTP for Macintosh 05/29/01 2.5mb
Stuffit Expander 6.01 for Macintosh 05/29/01 3.2mb
software archive
Looking for something that isn't here? Why don't you look at the MosquitoNet FTP Archive. This is where we store older files that our users may need.
other popular web download sites - collection of windows/macintosh programs hosted by c|net.
GALT - GALT Shareware Zone has shareware and even a newsletter you subscribe to.
ZDNet Software Library - Over 10,000 files that you can search through. - Easy to use software archive search tool.

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