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Great news! This site will be replaced with ACS. main website at January 4, 2004.

Please make sure you update your favorites list. there for your Internet needs,

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HERE at MosquitoNet we pride ourselves on our high level of customer satisfaction. MosquitoNet's customers are the most important part of the business and we owe our success to them. They make us great and we love 'em for it!

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customer comments
  Just wanted to say a few short words about your company. I was originally with your company when I first moved here to Fairbanks, and then I was sucked in by one of your competitors offers and switched ISPs. I had nothing but problems with them and was always calling technical support for something or another. I was eventually told I had a problem with my modem and I needed to contact the manufactuer. I knew nothing was wrong with my modem and decided to switch back to you. I am glad I did because I have no problems now. Your reliability rate is top-notch. Keep up the good work. Thanks Again!! - Paul

Just started Mosquitonet University and I think it's the greatest thing since chocolate milk! This, IMHO, is a big part of what the internet should be about. I remember when TV first came out (ya, just after the dinosaurs died) and people were thinking what a great education potential, unfortunately, never fully realized. Better get more modems, I'm sending anyone I know who's not using Mosquitonet your way. Thank You! - Phillip

Hi there!! Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know we have officially dropped *** online services! You guys have done a great job setting us valley folks up with a dependable service. Thanks a lot!! -Ted & Carolyn

LOVE the new website! Thank goodness you finally got rid of the neon yellow.... and the 50's clip-art motif is very nifty too. -Teresa

SkeetNet has been THE Premier ISP in Fairbanks for the last 4 years. I've been with SkeetNet since it's inception and I'm CONSTANTLY referring new users to its service. Some have dropped Skeet for the 'Free' Internet service, only to complain to me about the poor connections and lack of TRUE tech support. If you're not on Mosquitonet you're not experiencing the internet, PERIOD!!!. -Bill

I've been with you for about 5 months, been great, as I am new to this stuff and Mosquitonet has been user friendly!. -John

Thanks Tom for the info, I just thought it was a bit rare to have gotten bounced off line so many times. I hate to be a complainer, so bravo for getting it taken care of. Thats why we have stayed with you as our ISP. Along with very helpful staff if I ever have to call about anything. Thanks again. -Lorrie
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