Hi, Hello, and Glad to meet you!

I'm Sue Ann Bowling PhD (if you want to be formal.) I have a number of web sites on things I'm interested in, and this mosquitonet site is intended primarily to steer people to my other sites and (in time) to allow a bit of experimenting. My major sites are:

University of Alaska/Climate. I've just retired, but I'll still be around to keep the Fairbanks climate data up to date. Other climate-related materials and possibly some new popular science information will also be listed through this site.

The Shetland Sheepdog Bloodlines site. This site covers information on Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties or even Toy Collies, though serious breeders frown on the latter.) Individual sections include:

Genetics. This was originally just Shetland Sheepdogs, but it has grown into a substantial site on its own, now including a considerable amount of basic information on general genetics.

Then there's suebowling.mcf.com, which is just starting to get arranged into something approaching order. This is where some of the odd bits that were on the University server have gone. Right now there are some hints on web site design (including color tables for web-safe colors - that one got stuck in Fetch and isn't fully up yet), song parodies (Geophysical Christmas Carols - hmm, looks like I'd better make another try at sending that transparent snowflake), and a partial listing of published items for non-scientists. With time, I'll be putting up some information on my writing.